CURTAIN CLEANING: Curtains can be
cleaned in situ without the need to remove and
rehang. There will be no need for a trip to the dry
cleaners. Using the latest in chemical technology
we will add a freshness and brightness to your
curtains without fuss or inconvenience. Prices
compare favourably with dry cleaning costs.
STAINGUARD: Many fabrics are treated
with stainguard after manufacture. The
protection reduces with time, wear and
cleaning processes. New fabrics and
upholstery can be treated on delivery. You
will find that because of our quantity
discounts our prices compare very
favourably to the high street retailers.
Just cleaned fabrics can also be treated.
Stainguard works by reducing the
absorbancy of the fabric, covering the fibre
with an invisible shield helping them to  
resist soiling and maintain their appearance
better than untreated fibres. Stainguard
treatments are suitable for curtains,
upholstery and carpets and will prolong the
life of your fabrics without changing the feel
or the texture.
*1/2 Price offer on stainguard applications for items that  we have cleaned!
                   Conditions apply. Ask for details.
ANTI-STATIC TREATMENTS:  As well as being an inconvenience, static shocks can also cause
damage to electro sensitive items, whether they be in the home or in the workplace. Static is built up
within the body making it discharge on contact with metal or other conductive items.
We are able to apply a treatment to your carpets  that stops this build up from occurring. The treatment
is cost effective and convenient to apply and will offer protection to any electro-sensitive equipment.
Because of the varying factors with static protection periods vary but can be advised following a site
survey  to assess your specific problems.
DEODORISING: Unpleasant odours can occur for many different reasons and
these odours can spread into your carpets and furnishings. They can be
neutralised as part of the cleaning process or treated as an individual process.
Effective products come with a multitude of different fragrances. Rather than
just masking the odour with an alternative smell these products will destroy the
bacteria that create the unpleasant odours and will neutralise the unpleasant
smells - creating a fresher, pleasanter environment,
FIRE-RETARDANT  TREATMENTS: These treatments can be applied to any fabric to make
it flame retardant. Products used reach British Standards and certificates of compliance are
issued to commercial premises in order to satisfy fire officers and fire regulations. The
applications are carried out quickly and products are normally dry in an hour. The cost of
savings compared to replacing items with compliant products are vast.
Telephone: 0845 257 0013
Mobile: 078 1111 5350
A blow lamp on curtains
treated with fire retardant